Lemons and Ice Trays

The reminder to drink more water is everywhere.  It is in the constant flow of water bottles people take with them.  Articles are written and posted with health and wellness publishers boasting the countless benefits of consuming more water.  However, none of these facts change the reality that water does not taste like anything.  There is no tantalizing sensation on the taste buds.  It remains plain old water.

There is obviously a demand for flavored water since there are numerous companies that have created flavored water products.  The drawbacks to these are the cost and the chemicals used to produce the flavored water.  In a way, it defeats the purpose of drinking water.

I cannot stand drinking plain water.  As a kid and young adult, I fainted more than once because I let myself get dehydrated.  Thankfully, as an adult, I have wizened up about it, and do drink water daily.  But, I needed to figure out how to drink more.  I tried many approaches, and the favorite is lemon water.  Lemon water is tart and refreshing, offering a burst of freshness.

I know this seems crazy, but there were days that I did not want to get out the cutting board and cut lemons to have in my water.  I just did it the day before and would have to do it again tomorrow, so forget today.  Well, that day turned into days, and I still drank some water, but not enough.

The idea occurred to me I should prepare several days’ worth of lemons so I could just put them my water each morning and be good for the day.  I tried slicing lemons and freezing them.  This made the lemons rubbery and bitter.  If I sliced lemons and put them in the fridge, then they would get lost, or my husband would use them for cooking.

One afternoon, I was frustrated, but bound and determined to come up with a solution.  Lemon ice cubes!  I grabbed my supplies and got started.  I rolled the lemons on the counter to get all the juice out of the pulp.  I then cut them in half and squeezed the juice into a glass measuring cup.  Using a small sieve (to get seeds and pulp), I poured the lemon juice into ice cube trays.  My goal was to fill each tray about half way, but some were more, and some were less.  I averaged the half way mark.

The trays went into the freezer, and several hours later, I had lemons ready for the water.  I took them out of the tray after they froze (the citric acid prevents them from completely freezing, so they are sticky and slippery) and put them in a baggie.  Now, each morning, I have one lemon cube and several ice cubes in my water.  As the day goes on, I fill my glass with more ice and water, and I have lemon water through the afternoon.  This method has proven to be the perfect solution.  My 5-year-old loves the lemon cubes, so I have a little competition.


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