Marriage. Parenthood.  Homeschooling.  Extended family.  Volunteer commitments.  Finances.  Laundry.  Yard work.  Snow shoveling.  Grocery shopping.  How does it all get done?

Is sanity possible?

It all gets done one step at a time!  It is about hanging on to what little you can grasp and never letting go.  There are days that everything goes according to plan.  Then there are the days that nothing goes according to plan.  The kids are sick or really naughty.  The bills are not paid yet.  It is dinner time.  The phone will not stop ringing.  It is time to run someone to dance or soccer.

Sanity is possible.  It is like an amethyst that needs found under all the dirt. The good news is that once sanity is found, it can be found again.  Often, there are patterns are repeated–life ebbs and flows like the ocean tide.  We will help you find some harmony and peace in your life and home.